About Us

When it costs so much to run a business, paying more for energy than necessary is the last thing you want. CPG Energy in Texas can help small businesses, churches, and institutions monitor and lower their energy expenditures. Our national energy company manages both retail and wholesale electric supply for business customers. We'll also help manage power loads and connect you with energy companies that can meet your demands for fair pricing.

Efficient Savings for You

We've been helping area businesses control their energy bills and maximize efficiency and profits since 1996. When you contact us, we can provide you a price quote with your potential savings in just 30 minutes. We offer services in all deregulated states.

Energy Auditing

We are an energy broker that is very familiar with deregulated energy sales. You can get a wide range of related services, including energy audits, to identify and eliminate excess energy usage. We also review your power bills and track usage over time to find peak energy usage times and suggest options for savings.

Contract Negotiations

Once the audit is completed, we will negotiate with different energy providers to find the lowest electric prices for you. Our consultants will also review REP contracts for hidden fees and costs from undue penalties and unreasonable terms. Ask us to help you pay less for energy.

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