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Finding the lowest electric price and managing your electric bills is a time-consuming and potentially costly process. CPG Energy in Texas, is an independent electric energy consulting company offering the lowest electric prices in Texas and other deregulated states and is ready to help businesses save money with electric providers. We specialize in managing retail and wholesale electric supplies and offer the lowest electric rates in Texas and all deregulated states.


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CPG Energy in Texas, is an energy broker for electricity in deregulated states. Our primary customer base is in Texas where we offer the lowest electric rates. We'll work with all suppliers to provide customers with a choice of electric providers. We also work with available natural gas markets. Our team will analyze your electricity prices and usage to find the lowest electric power prices.

Our company was established more than 20 years ago. The company founder managed whole sale electric supply for over 20 years prior to establishing CPG Energy to provide customers with the lowest electric rates possible in the deregulated markets. The company was set up in 1996 in Texas to offer the lowest electric rates to customers.

We focus on the energy business and offer the best products at the lowest electric prices. Our team also strives to get a contractual commitment from energy suppliers and to provide you with ongoing customer support. You won't be put on hold when you call us.

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